About Us


KALIPI EVENTS CORPORATION (KEC), a duly SEC-registered Corporation and organized to contribute to the realization of the above-cited Presidential Proclamation No. 1958,, Manuel D. Pacheco, the President of the Kalipi Events Corporation is the Owner/ Proprietor of the MDP Publishing House representing the Private Sector, mentioned in the Proclamation.
Since the “Launching of the Private Sector Initiative in the “Parangal sa Kalipi” Celebration held last December 18, 2018, at Century Park Manila, KEC has put in place the following:

  • Kalipi Official Facebook Page
  • Kalipi Global Platform – kalipi.com.ph.
  • Kalipi Online TV – featuring events for, by, and from Kalipi organizations worldwide

ABIZO Apps – where various services can be availed of by our global Kalipi; such as:

    • Red Button for the Emergency Response cases
    • Request for Free Para-Legal Assistance
    • Request for Freei Business Assistance
    • Provide Arrival and Departure Assistance
    • Others

Government Agencies are using the above KEC communications facilities especially for their respective information dissemination and important campaigns and concerns. Relative to this, KEC is allowed by government agencies to access and use selected information materials available in their respective website. KEC are also provided by government agencies important video materials which KEC could show in KALIPI TV.

Presently, KEC is preparing for the Private Sector Participation in the “Parangal sa Kalipi” this coming December, 2019. Among the Events included are:

  • KEC Parangal Night– Dinner at the Manila Hotel on December 10, 2019
    with appropriate program.