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PARANGAL SA KALIPI is Filipino who unselfishly promotes Filipino Arts and Culture with continuous contributions to the socio-economic development of the Philippines. This exemplary effort of the Kalipi, the Filipinos who are now nationals of various countries in the world must be given due recognition. This attempt is pursuant to Presidential Proclamation 1958 signed on December 1, 2009, otherwise known as Parangal sa Kalipi Month annually held in December. While these Filipinos at heart have adopted other citizenships, the par excellence achievements, and expertise they show and flaunt all over the world bring forth honor and prestige to their country of birth, the Philippines. All Kalipi in the world may be out of the country but still and yet their achievements serve as a source of pride and inspiration for all Filipinos. Thus, the Parangal sa Kalipi serves as an invitation for Kalipi here, there and everywhere in the world to spend momentous and rewarding time when back home in the Philippines. As a background, the National Historical Institute traces Filipino migration back to Manila- Acapulco Galleon Trade (500-1800) during which Filipino seamen found their way to Mexico and New Orleans where they settled. This includes the exile of Filipinos to places as far as Africa under the Spanish colonization and the exodus of Filipino workers to the plantations of Hawaii and canneries in Alaska during the American Colonial period. KALIPI EVENTS CORPORATION (KEC) /KALIPI WORLD COUNCIL (KWC) VISION Filipinos around the world stand in unison and are proud of the Philippines with the great character of their race, and are concerned for the welfare of the Philippines and its people. MISSION To bond together Filipinos in and out of the Philippines in the spirit of their inherent character to promote the welfare of their country and its people. OBJECTIVE To expand national comradeship a strong Filipino cultural undertaking through events, programs, and projects in joint collaboration with economic and humanitarian projects together with Filipino Community Associations around the world as mentioned in Presidential Proclamation 1958. KWC /KEC PLATFORMS KWC maintains that the more benefits designed for Kalipi, the better for all overseas Filipinos around the world to keep them in unison as conceptualized by the Corporation. This includes the accessibility of opportunities to enhance the interest of retirees to come back home to the Philippines for good. Also for Kalipi to frequent their visit and stay with relatives and friends in the Philippines. To KEC/KWC these excellent achievements of Kalipi deserve due recognition. It must be kept in mind that the continuous and unselfish monetary contributions of Kalipi bring forth progress and development to the country. The exemplary effort of Kalipi in the promotion and preservation of Philippine culture in foreign lands where they dwell deserves unprecedented appreciation such that the creation and establishment of world-class facilities here is a must for their visits and brief sojourn. Also, special assistance and support for the welfare of Kalipi relatives and friends must be given priority as deemed proper by KEC /KWC.KALIPI eCARD
• A pre-requisite to prove the identity of Kalipi anywhere in the world,
• Serves as tangible proof of the successful campaign in the unification of Filipinos around the world.
• Compulsory to avail of the services offered by merchant partners and institutions for Kalipi and their relatives anywhere in the world.
• A must acquire local goods and service’s provided for Kalipi here in the Philippines.
• Kalipi eCard contains exclusive microchips and QRcode that make it linkable to all Kalipi platforms, enabling the holder to keep track of Kalipi activities and information.
• Undertakes Kalipi legal and business advisory needs.
• Medical assistance.
• DocumentationsOther benefits and services shall be made available as Kalipi membership improves.